My desk is messy, my boots are dirty, and I’m smiling.

Today was the first day of school. We got up a lot earlier than our lazy summer hours had been permitting. I woke up kids and then Lynzi and I went into our backyard to till up some ground so we could plant the gorgeous little cantaloupe plant that we happened upon a few days ago in the store…it was too adorable not to come home with us, even though the last thing we need is more yard work right now! We were planning on a larger garden next year and weren’t going to dig up anything right now but somehow this little plant beckoned to us and that was that.

I was hot and sweaty and really dirty and my butt was all wet from sitting in the grass and pulling weeds so I went inside and changed into yet another pair of work clothes. I took the obligatory pictures of my children and sent one off in her car and put the other one on the bus. Something felt strange. I thought about it as I watered the plants in the front yard. I only have three kids at home. Two went to school and the other does online school from home. That’s it? Three kids. Hmmm. And then a smile spread across my face because that was the most simple back-to-school morning of my life!!! They fed themselves, got themselves dressed, watched the time and gathered their bags…THEMSELVES. I’m pretty sure I have been waiting for this since I conceived my first child. What a joy! I really enjoy having older children.

Since I was already outside I decided I may as well sweep the back porch. So I did. Then I finally went in and had a shower. I cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry, put dinner in the crockpot, turned on the water to fill up the pool we just bought (more about that in a later post), painted my nails, watched a show with my daughter who hasn’t started school yet, made cookies (my children expect this on the first and last day of school no matter what…like when they are grown and not even in school they will still come by on the first day asking if I remembered the cookies!), made some phone calls, read a chapter in my book, ran out in a panic to turn off the water because the pool was overflowing (I never set a timer because I think I’ll remember), listened to the kids’ after school stories, filled out paperwork, did more laundry, and then I decided to come in the office to write. And I saw my desk! Between back-to-school, business meetings, and trying to drink more water I was amazed at the state of my desk. I loathe clutter and it hardly ever looks this way.

What did I do you ask? I pushed it aside to write this blog post. I have learned something today in my efforts to be a domestic goddess, and a mother, and a friend, and a wife, and an amateur gardener – as I rush around in life, and as I stop and take breaks for myself and my sanity, my desk may be messy for a day or two…and that’s ok. Because I am happy today. I accomplished a lot, I was there for my children, I was there for myself. I did things that make me happy, and I have the messy desk and the dirty boots to prove it! Morale of the story: DO THE HAPPY THING.

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